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    Hi, I am Pastor Ed Robinson, I am have now been here at Lifepoint Baptist Church for a year and a half. I invite you to come worship the Lord with us. I challenge you to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit into His church. I believe what this church has to offer above all things is the truth. The, "Truth" Jesus stated, sets us free.

    We are a Baptist church, Baptist churches have been around for two thousand years. We have a rich history of

standing for the truth. Millions of Baptist died in the period

known has the dark ages standing for this truth. The truth we still stand for is the Gospel. It is the power of God unto Salvation to everyone that believeth.

    We invite you to come check us out. What you will find is a group of people covenanted together to carry out  the commands of Jesus.  His commands are to love God and love your neighbor as your self. You will find here a people that love God and you will find a people here that will love you unconditionally. He further commands us to take this message of love to a lost and dying world.

    We distribute food here through western services every Saturday and we visit the local convalescent hospitals every Monday. We are blessed to serve our Lord and our community with this message of Love. Jesus died for man's sins, was buried, and rose the third day. That is the Gospel and God's message of love. Come join us Glorifying God through His church, Ephesians 3:21

Our Lead Pastor

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